As Midterms Reshape Congress, Shaheen Hopes For Bipartisanship

November 07, 2018

New Hampshire’s senior U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen says she’s hoping for more bipartisanship in Congress, with a new Democratic majority in the House of Representatives.

Shaheen was at an event in Portsmouth Wednesday and spoke to NHPR about the mixed midterm results.

While Democrats took back the House of Representatives, Republicans expanded their majority in the Senate. Shaheen says it's a call for all of Congress to work across the aisle.

“We’ve had too much partisanship. I think that was one of the messages from yesterday’s elections – people said, ‘We’re not happy in a lot of cases with what’s going on and we want to see it change,’” she said. “And I believe in that wholeheartedly – we’ve got to work together.”

Shaheen says she believes bipartisanship will be possible. She cited the passage of a bipartisan government funding bill as a reason for optimism.

By:  Annie Ropeik
Source: NHPR