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Ceremony marks Memorial Day at Veterans Cemetery


While Monday was a day off from school and work for many to recognize Memorial Day, Thursday is the day that was originally designated to remember those who died serving the country.

A ceremony marking the day was held at the state Veterans Cemetery in Boscawen.

"That is why we are here today on this solemn occasion, on this hallowed ground, the final resting place of our nation's heroes, is to remember them," said Maj. Gen. David Mikolaities, adjutant general of New Hampshire.

More than 11,000 veterans are buried in Boscawen, and their service and dedication are recognized each year on May 30.

"For theirs was a patriotism of not words, but deeds," said Mike Pollitt, of the American Legion.

"Service members throughout our history have gone into battles and made the ultimate sacrifice, not for wealth or fame or power, but through a sense of courage and conviction to our nation's cause," said U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen.

Dorothy Henderson's husband, William Henderson, was a Korean War veteran who died 10 years ago.

"I know he's here," she said. "I know he's here, and I come to talk to him, and I'm sure he hears me."

Dale Rancicot's name is the most recent one carved on the Global War on Terror Memorial.

"We should be doing this every day," said his wife, Jan Rancicot. "We should be honoring our fallen every day. It shouldn't just be one calendar day of the year."