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Family of slain journalist want suspects returned to US to face trial

The families of four Americans killed by ISIS are asking the Trump administration to bring their suspected killers to the United States to face trial.

It has been nearly six years since four Americans, including New Hampshire journalist James Foley, were killed by ISIS.

Foley's mother, Diane Foley, is among the group of families calling on President Donald Trump to extradite suspects who are in U.S. custody in the Middle East to face trial.

"I feel I owe Jim at least that much," Diane Foley said. "I mean, these were only two of the people who were torturing him throughout the two years he was in captivity."

New evidence recently surfaced in which two British militants known as "The Beatles" admitted to torturing Americans, including Foley, during an on-camera interview.

U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-New Hampshire, said it is important that the Department of Justice works with its counterparts in the United Kingdom to share evidence.

"We think it's going to help make the case because they have more information," Shaheen said.

"The UK has spoken," Diane Foley said. "They're not going to share it without us taking the death penalty off the table."

Diane Foley said she wants the DOJ to consider making that deal because she would rather see them sentenced to life in prison.

"I would prefer them to have time to reflect on what's happened and what they've done to others and the horrific crimes they've committed," she said.

According to Shaheen, Attorney General William Barr has called the case a priority for him. She said it's a matter of national security that must be handled soon.

"We need to send that message to terrorists around the world that there will be justice, that we have a process," she said.

Diane Foley said she would not want to see the pair tried in the United Kingdom, fearing they would receive a lesser sentence. She said there's also a concern that they might be released.