Shippensburg University graduates more than 1,000

May 10, 2010

Shippensburg University celebrated its undergraduate commencement on Saturday at Seth Grove Stadium.

A total of 1,008 undergraduates participated in the bachelor's degree ceremony. SU awarded 484 degrees from the College of Arts and Sciences, 247 degrees from the College of Education and Human Services and 277 degrees from the John L. Grove College of Business.

Several representatives from the SU class of 1960 led the class procession to infuse a "past meets present" theme.

This year's address was given by U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire. Shaheen is the first woman to be elected governor of New Hampshire and also the first woman to be elected to the U.S. Senate from New Hampshire. Shaheen earned her bachelor's degree at Shippensburg University.

Shaheen has been an advocate for the HMO Accountability Act, the Clean Power Act and the Land and Community Heritage Investment Program. In 2005 she also took on the position of director of Harvard University's Institute of Politics and was sworn-in to the U.S. Senate in January 2009.

Shaheen emphasized the importance of the 2010 graduates being prepared for a vastly changing world.

"You're competing in a global economy where a college degree is critical to your future success," Shaheen said.

Shaheen told the graduates to take their community service to a new level by becoming involved in politics and public service as well.

"The importance of civic engagement is a responsibility that we all must share," she said.

Shaheen said graduates may not win every battle they face, but if they sit on the sidelines and fail to become involved, they will surely lose.

Senior class president Kyler Ford, a business marketing major, focused on the unity of the class of 2010 in his commencement address.

"As different as we may all be, we are now bonded by the commonality of being Ship alumni," Ford said.

SU President William Ruud also addressed the graduating class after the awarding of degrees. He encouraged each student to take a walk around the campus before leaving as a way to keep SU close to their hearts.

SU business marketing major Grant Ofenloch said different departments of the university were able to provide him with the materials he needed for success.

"Shippensburg provided some good resources that I utilized to help me take the next step," Ofenloch said.

Another graduate, SU communication/journalism major Matt Groseclose feels he accomplished a lot while at the university.

"This university prepared me very well for the real world," he said.

The graduating class participated in the Senior Challenge, which was organized by the SU Foundation to fund the senior class gift. The gift of the 2010 class is to fund the project to buy picnic tables to encourage more outdoor study space for the university.

By:  Julia Stein
Source: Public Opinion Online