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NH Delegation Honors Recipients of 2018 Congressional Law Enforcement Awards


(Concord, NH) – On Friday, members of New Hampshire’s law enforcement community were honored for exemplary service at the New Hampshire Congressional Law Enforcement Awards (NH-CLEA) ceremony in Concord.

“The men and women serving in New Hampshire’s law enforcement are heroes, and it is an honor to recognize and thank these individuals for their exceptional service,” said the Delegation. “We want to extend our sincere appreciation to all of these honorees for their outstanding efforts, as well as their families who support them and also make sacrifices every day. We’re especially grateful for the leadership of our police officers in battling the opioid epidemic. Every day, law enforcement are saving lives and getting lethal drugs off our streets. These law enforcement awards are also an opportunity to recognize and honor those lost in the line of duty – we are eternally grateful for their sacrifice, and they will never be forgotten.”

The New Hampshire Congressional Law Enforcement Awards were started in 1998. All New Hampshire law enforcement officers – whether they are serving full - or part-time – are eligible to be nominated for recognition from the New Hampshire Congressional Delegation. Awardees are selected by an independent committee of law enforcement officers comprised of current and retired federal, state, county, and local officials.

Shaheen, Hassan, Shea-Porter and Kuster honored the following law enforcement personnel with certificates of recognition on Friday:

Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

This award is for officers who put their lives in harm’s way to help others. The NH CLEA awards team recognizes that this is always a part of any officer’s duties but there are times when heroism and sacrifice in extreme circumstances needs to be recognized.

Lieutenant Scott Lacrosse                                                                                            New Hampshire Fish & Game 

Corporal Jeffery Macek                                                                                                 Troy Police Department 

Officer David Oslin                                                                                                           Goffstown Police Department  

Staff Sergeant Keith Walker                                                                                        New Hampshire State Police

Trooper Erik Willett                                                                                                         New Hampshire State Police

Dedication & Professionalism

This award was designed to honor law enforcement personnel that go beyond their normal duties in service to others. 

Conservation Officer James Benvenuti                                                                  New Hampshire Fish & Game

Conservation Officer Joseph Canfield                                                                     New Hampshire Fish & Game

Chief Joseph McGann                                                                                                    Madbury Police Department

Chief David Suckling                                                                                                        Danbury/Alexandria PD

Trooper Eric Call                                                                                                                New Hampshire State Police

Trooper Matheus Candido                                                                                           New Hampshire State Police

Major Russell Conte                                                                                                       New Hampshire State Police

Trooper First Class James Decker                                                                              New Hampshire State Police

Trooper John Fagerholm                                                                                              New Hampshire State Police

Captain Gregory Ferry                                                                                                   New Hampshire State Police

Trooper Quentin Gillilland                                                                                            New Hampshire State Police

Trooper Mark Hensel                                                                                                     New Hampshire State Police

Sergeant Russell Holmes                                                                                              New Hampshire State Police

Trooper First Class Sharon Kopp                                                                                                New Hampshire State Police

Sergeant Kevin Macaione                                                                                            New Hampshire State Police

Trooper Michelle Montville                                                                                         New Hampshire State Police

Trooper Thomas Owens                                                                                               New Hampshire State Police

Trooper Brett Parenteau                                                                                              New Hampshire State Police

Trooper First Class Christopher Prenaveau                                                           New Hampshire State Police

Lieutenant Gary Prince                                                                                                  New Hampshire State Police

Trooper Noah Sanctuary                                                                                               New Hampshire State Police

Trooper Janell Smith                                                                                                       New Hampshire State Police

Sergeant Ronald Taylor                                                                                                 New Hampshire State Police

Trooper First Class Kelly Wardner                                                                             New Hampshire State Police

Unit Citation

This award is made for actions that involved a group of officers in dangerous situations.

Trooper Michael Arteaga                                                                                              New Hampshire State Police

Trooper Michael Kokoski                                                                                              New Hampshire State Police

Trooper Daniel Livingstone                                                                                          New Hampshire State Police

Trooper First Class Richard Perrault                                                                          New Hampshire State Police

Trooper Brandon Stubbs                                                                                              New Hampshire State Police

Auxiliary Trooper Charles West                                                                                  New Hampshire State Police

Career Service

This award recognizes an individual(s) that has, over the course of their careers, show an outstanding dedication to law enforcement.

Director Donald Vittum                                                                                                 New Hampshire Police Standards & Training Academy

Associate Service

The committee recognized the fact that rescue or fire personnel and civilians have come to the assistance of law enforcement personnel in the course of their duties, at times putting their own lives in harm’s way, and deserved recognition for their help by the law enforcement community.

Planning Analyst Tracey Flaherty                                                                               New Hampshire State Police Cold Case Unit

Verne Green                                                                                                                     New Hampshire State Police Cold Case Unit

Planning Analyst Milli Knudsen                                                                                  New Hampshire State Police Cold Case Unit

First Sergeant Greg Gerbig                                                                                          New Hampshire Army National Guard

Chief Warrant Officer George Munson                                                                  New Hampshire Army National Guard

Chief Warrant Officer Robert Reckert                                                                     New Hampshire Army National Guard

Specialist Ben Webster                                                                                                  New Hampshire Army National Guard

Ashley Rodriguez                                                                                                             National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

Carol Schweitzer                                                                                                              National Center for Missing & Exploited Children