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On Senate Floor, Shaheen Denounces Obstruction of Key National Security Nominees

**Nominee for Post to Disrupt Terrorist Financing and Enforce Sanctions Has Now Waited 294 Days**

(Washington, DC) U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen took to the Senate floor in an attempt to secure the confirmation of five nominees for key national security positions in the administration today, but was blocked by Republicans each time. Video is available here.

Senator Shaheen pointed out that one of the Republican obstructionists, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), was not even present to explain his objections, instead campaigning for President in New Hampshire.

The President’s nominees whose work continues to be obstructed are:

  • Adam Szubin, who has so far waited 294 days to be confirmed as the Treasury Department’s Undersecretary for Terrorism and Financial Crimes. This position leads the policy, enforcement, regulatory, and intelligence functions of the Treasury Department aimed at identifying and disrupting the lines of financial support to international terrorist organizations, proliferators of weapons of mass destruction, narcotics, and other actors posing a threat to our national security or foreign policy.  This position is critical to ensuring the sanctions on Iran, North Korea, Russia and other bad actors are implemented.
  • Azita Raji, who has so far waited 398 days for confirmation to be Ambassador to Sweden, and Samuel Heins, who has so far waited 265 days for confirmation to be Ambassador to Norway. Sweden and Norway are both key allies on the front lines of our efforts to contain Russian aggression. U.S. exports to both countries total $11.3 billion a year.
  • Brian Egan, who has so far waited 384 days for confirmation as principal advisor to the State Department and the Secretary of State. This role includes assisting in the formulation and implementation of the foreign policies of the United States, and promoting the development of law and institutions as elements of those policies.
  • Ambassador Tom Shannon, who has so far waited 135 days for confirmation to be Undersecretary for Political Affairs at the State Department. He would be responsible for working with the Europeans on implementation of the Iran agreement, coordinating the G7 to combat Russian aggression, as well as providing daily oversight and direction to all the Department’s regional bureaus. 

Senator Shaheen is a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the Senate Armed Services Committee.