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Senators Shaheen, Cruz Lead Bipartisan Bill to Impose Sanctions for Involvement in Russia’s Nord Stream 2 Pipeline

(Washington, DC) – U.S. Senators Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) and Ted Cruz (R-TX) on Monday filed a bipartisan bill imposing sanctions on those involved in Russia’s Nord Stream 2 project. The bill imposes targeted sanctions against vessels that would be used to construct deep sea pipelines for Russian energy export projects including Nord Stream 2.

“Germany is a model ally and our transatlantic partnership is critical to furthering global security and prosperity,” said Shaheen. “Unfortunately, Putin is dangling the prospect of cheap gas in front of some of our closest allies to monopolize the supply of energy in Europe and bring increased instability to the continent. This pipeline has the tremendous potential to compromise energy security throughout the continent for decades. The United States cannot stand idly by while the Kremlin builds this Trojan horse.”

“Nord Stream 2 threatens Europe’s energy security and America’s national security,” said Cruz. “The United States simply cannot allow Russia to dominate Europe’s energy future. For years I’ve highlighted these threats to our European allies and partners, and emphasized that I was prepared to work with my colleagues here in the Senate and with the administration to impose sanctions to block the construction of Nord Stream 2. I urge Congress to expeditiously move forward to advance this critical bipartisan bill.”