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At the Alliance to Save Energy’s “Great Energy Efficiency Day” on Capitol Hill, Shaheen notes that energy efficiency must play an important role in our country’s energy portfolio

(Washington, DC) – Investments in energy efficiency will help create jobs, protect our environment, and save Americans money, said U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) at the Alliance to Save Energy’s “Great Energy Efficiency Day” forum on Capitol Hill this afternoon.  In her remarks, Shaheen discussed her bipartisan energy efficiency legislation – Shaheen-Portman – which has the potential to create 136,000 domestic jobs by 2025 while saving consumers and businesses billions of dollars and reducing pollution.

“Energy efficiency holds enormous potential for America’s energy future,” said Senator Shaheen. “My bipartisan legislation will help address our growing energy needs while protecting our environment, helping create jobs and saving taxpayers money.  There is strong, bipartisan support behind Shaheen-Portman and I’m hopeful that we can leverage that support to pass our bill on behalf of our economy and environment.”

“The time to move on this important bill is now. We have to take concrete steps to modernize our energy policy for the 21st century and energy efficiency – an area where there is strong, bipartisan agreement – is the best place to start.”

Senator Shaheen has been a leader on energy efficiency policies since her time as Governor of New Hampshire when she established the New Hampshire Building Energy Conservation Initiative.  In the Senate, she has continued to advocate for smart energy and environmental policies and a recent study of her bipartisan energy efficiency legislation showed that the bill could create 136,000 jobs by 2025.  The bill has been endorsed by a diverse coalition of stakeholders from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to the Natural Resources Defense Council.  The legislation is also estimated to save consumers more than $13.7 billion a year in energy costs and take the equivalent of 22 million cars off the road by 2030.