SHAHEEN: Granite Staters Should be Alarmed by the Recommendations in Today’s Voting Commission Hearing

September 12, 2017

**Recommendations ran the gamut from thumbprints on photo IDs to background checks at the polls**

(Washington, DC)—U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) issued the following statement in response to dangerous recommendations made by witnesses at the voting commission hearing in New Hampshire that would impede Granite State voters from exercising their democratic right:

“Today’s hearing should have every Granite State voter worried. Recommendations that were put forward today ran the gamut from thumbprints on photo IDs to background checks at the polls, as well as baseless assertions that same-day registration enables voter fraud. Perpetuating falsehoods about voter fraud in New Hampshire risks jeopardizing our first-in-the nation presidential primary,” said Shaheen.  

“And while U.S. intelligence agencies have no doubt that Russia interfered in our elections to undermine faith in our democracy, there was no substantive discussion of this by the commission. Instead, Vice Chair Kobach used his position on President Trump’s handpicked panel to double-down on his previous unfounded allegations about voter fraud, and shamefully lectured Granite Staters incorrectly on our own laws. I am pleased members of the commission appropriately rebutted Vice Chair Kobach on his gross distortions of New Hampshire elections laws and his groundless questioning of the legitimacy of our state’s 2016 election results.”

Senator Jeanne Shaheen submitted testimony to the commission, which can be read in full here