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Shaheen, Hassan Join Bicameral Effort to Restore Net Neutrality Protections

Shaheen & Hassan are Cosponsors of Save the Internet Act, which would Reinstate Net Neutrality Protections

The Save the Internet Act enacts the three legacy net neutrality principles – no blocking, no throttling and no paid prioritization – and empowers the FCC to prohibit unjust, unreasonable and discriminatory practices. The legislation also ensures consumers can make informed decisions when shopping for internet plans and restores the FCC’s authority to fund broadband access and deployment, particularly for rural communities and struggling Americans. The Save the Internet Act codifies the FCC’s 2015 Open Internet Order in a similar manner to last year’s Congressional Review Act that passed the Senate and had bipartisan support in the House. 

“The American people overwhelmingly support restoring net neutrality protections, which are critical for New Hampshire’s rural communities, small businesses and consumers. It’s time for Republicans in Congress to get on board and respond to the wishes of the American people,” said Senator Shaheen. “The Save the Internet Act will undo the administration’s reckless repeal and reinstate vital net neutrality protections. I urge Senate Republican Leadership to allow a vote on this bill immediately.”

“Restoring net neutrality would ensure that all voices on the internet are treated equally, from large corporations to innovative small businesses and individual Americans,” said Senator Hassan. “I urge my Republican colleagues in the Senate to join us in restoring net neutrality by passing the Save the Internet Act, which will help promote innovation and discovery by keeping the internet free and open to all.” 

Senators Shaheen and Hassan have repeatedly expressed concern that repealing net neutrality protections would end equal access to an open and free internet, resulting in higher prices, lower speeds and other barriers to growth for small businesses in New Hampshire and across the country. Last year, Senator Shaheen held a Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee field hearing with New Hampshire small business owners about the effects of repealing net neutrality protections on Granite State small businesses. As a current member of the committee and a former small business owner, Shaheen understands the importance of putting small businesses first. 

The Save the Internet Act can be read HERE.