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Warner Power expected to hire up to 100 new employees in the next few years

(Hollis, N.H.) – During a tour of Warner Power’s new facility in Hollis today, U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) praised the innovative high-tech manufacturer for creating jobs in New Hampshire and investing in energy efficiency.

“Warner Power is an example of a truly innovative company that is bringing good manufacturing jobs to New Hampshire,” Shaheen said. “Small businesses are the lifeline of our economy, especially here in New Hampshire. We have to continue to support businesses like Warner Power so they can continue to create jobs and grow the economy.”

"We are so grateful for all of the support that Senator Shaheen has given us and all the work she is doing to advance energy efficiency and advanced manufacturing here in New Hampshire and nationally. Energy efficiency is not only a resource that is under-utilized in our country, but under the right national policies it can create thousands of jobs in our beleaguered manufacturing sector,” said Ed Randall, President and CEO of Warner Power. “Warner Power plans a significant expansion here in Hollis. The goal is up to 100 new jobs in the next few years – well-paying, highly productive jobs, with full benefits. Long term, we believe that if this new technology could be rolled out across the country, the savings would be as much as $2.2 billion a year—or three times New Hampshire’s annual electricity bill.”

Warner Power’s Hollis facility makes the company’s “Hexaformer” high efficiency transformers, which helps companies use energy more efficiently and save money.   

Studies have shown that inefficient transformers result in a loss of five percent of all electricity generated in the United States.   Warner Power says that wide-scale use of its Hexaformer and control system technology could eliminate 1.5 percent of all transformer energy losses. That could save 60 terawatts of electricity per year—five times New Hampshire’s annual electricity consumption.

Shaheen has introduced bipartisan energy efficiency legislation, the Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act of 2011, which would create jobs and save money for consumers and businesses by establishing a national energy efficiency strategy. Shaheen said that companies like Warner Power would benefit under the legislation, as it would make it easier for potential customers to invest in efficiency technology.

Shaheen visited Warner Power’s Warner facility with Cathy Zoi of the Department of Energy in April 2010 and has connected the company with officials at the Department of Energy to discuss and advance the Hexaformer technology.