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Shaheen Hosts Anne Marie and Jim Zanfagna’s Angels of Addictions Exhibit in U.S. Capitol to Bring Attention to Those Lost to the Opioid Epidemic

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(Washington, DC) – During the week of October 8, U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) is hosting a portrait exhibit in the Russell Rotunda of the U.S. Capitol remembering individuals from across the country who have died from an overdose. The Angels of Addictions exhibit was created by Anne Marie and Jim Zanfagna, who lost their daughter, Jacqueline, at 25 years old to an accidental overdose in October 2014. Shortly after Jacqueline’s death, Anne Marie painted a portrait of her and after showing it to a local support group began receiving requests to paint portraits of other loved ones who were lost to an overdose. These Angels of Addictions portraits facilitate grief healing through art, raise awareness of the opioid epidemic and emphasize that lives lost to this crisis are more than just numbers – they are loved ones taken far too soon.

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“I want people around the country to see what is happening in our communities: a generation of children and people are being wiped out,” said Anne Marie Zanfagna. “Jim and I started Angels of Addictions because we want to spread awareness of the opioid epidemic and how it can harm anyone, from any family. I learn as much as I can about these individuals before I paint them, and then as I create their portraits they become my angels. We appreciate the opportunity to share our portraits in the U.S. Capitol, and we are grateful for Senator Shaheen’s efforts to give us a national stage. Everyone should see the faces behind this disease. They remind us of our humanity and who we have lost.”

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“The scale of this epidemic is staggering but numbers don’t tell the whole story,” said Shaheen. “Families like the Zanfagnas who have lost loved ones and are bravely sharing their stories are increasing awareness and helping to destigmatize substance use disorders. Each of these portraits tells a story, and the Angels of Addictions exhibit reminds us who we are fighting for as Congress takes steps to address this crisis. I appreciate that members on both sides of the aisle are taking the time to come see these portraits and hear about the Zanfagnas’ efforts. I want to express my gratitude to Anne Marie and Jim for bringing this exhibit to Washington, and for everything they’re doing to raise awareness and help bring healing to those who have lost a loved one.”

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