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Event brings together more than 70 of New Hampshire’s community and small business leaders

(Washington, DC) – U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) hosted more than 70 members of New Hampshire’s business community today at the inaugural New Hampshire Business Day in Washington event.  The event gives the New Hampshire business community an opportunity to come to Capitol Hill and hear from members of the administration and key congressional officials about federal programs and agencies that support, regulate, and offer research and technical assistance to businesses.

“It is vital to New Hampshire’s economic stability and growth that the New Hampshire business community understands how the federal government operates and what tools they can access through their congressional delegation,” said Shaheen, a member of the Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship. “While it is businesses, not the government, that create jobs, government has a role to play in fostering an environment for growth, and I am committed to doing everything I can to give companies the tools they need.”

During the event, the New Hampshire business community heard from several Washington leaders.  Featured Speakers included:

  • Senator Jeanne Shaheen, State of New Hampshire
  • Senator Kelly Ayotte, State of New Hampshire
  • Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, State of Nevada
  • William Daley, Chief of Staff, President Barack Obama
  • Senator Carl Levin, State of Michigan, Chairman of the United States Senate Armed Services Committee
  • Senator Susan Collins, State of Maine, Member of the Appropriations & Armed Services Committees
  • Senator Lisa Murkowski, State of Alaska, Ranking Member of the United States Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee
  • Ambassador Ron Kirk, United States Trade Representative
  • Under Secretary Dr. Ashton Carter, Defense for Acquisition, Technology & Logistics, Department of Defense
  • Professor Elizabeth Warren, Special Advisor to the Secretary of the Treasury on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
  • Jim Evans, CEO, Corporation for Travel Promotion

“New Hampshire is leading a national trend in export growth that is helping to fuel America’s economic recovery and support job creation across the country, and the Obama Administration is doing everything possible to enable your continued success,” said U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk, one of the featured speakers. “President Obama’s jobs agenda includes a strong emphasis on selling more of what we make, grow, and provide here in the U.S.A. to the 95 percent of consumers who live beyond our borders.  And through events like New Hampshire Business Day, Senator Shaheen is connecting Granite State small businesses to federal resources that can help them sell more products overseas.”

"The opportunity to hear from and interact with national policy makers from both parties, led by Senator Shaheen, was immensely helpful for New Hampshire's businesses leaders who were able to participate in the inaugural New Hampshire Business Day in Washington," said Jim Roche, President, Business and Industry Association of New Hampshire, which partnered with Shaheen to present New Hampshire Business Day.

"Senator Jeanne Shaheen's first annual New Hampshire Business Day brought together many of the nation's most influential leaders in the Senate and the federal government. I enjoyed the extraordinary opportunity to hear about energy policy, trade, consumer protection, tourism, and defense. The meeting reflected Senator Shaheen's personal reputation as Governor and U.S. Senator—pragmatic, bipartisan, and constructive,” said Peter Amos, Senior Vice President of Warner Power.

Shaheen has been a longtime advocate for businesses, and as Senator has sponsored and supported legislation to help create jobs in New Hampshire. She helped craft the Small Business Jobs Act, which provides tax credits and expands lending opportunities.  In the last quarter of 2010, SBA loans increased dramatically as a result. With the understanding that innovation and increased exports are the key to keeping America competitive, Shaheen was the first New Hampshire Governor to lead a trade mission overseas and has continued her efforts on the federal level to help businesses export their products overseas by sponsoring legislation to enhance small business export assistance and connecting New Hampshire companies interested in exporting with federal resources. She has also been a vocal advocate for the long-term reauthorization of the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, a critical small business innovation program that increases participation of small, innovative companies in federal research and development programs. 

Following the New Hampshire Business Day in Washington event, Shaheen, along with the New Hampshire State Society and the New Hampshire Congressional Delegation, will host the 2nd Annual Experience New Hampshire evening reception, showcasing the state’s tourism, hospitality, fine arts and craft products, as well as diverse food and beverage products.