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Shaheen on Iran Deal: Agreement is the Best Available Option We Have for Preventing Iran From Obtaining a Nuclear Weapon

(Washington, DC) – Today, Senator Jeanne Shaheen made the following statement regarding the international agreement with Iran intended to curb Iran’s nuclear capabilities:

“Over the last three weeks, I have studied this agreement, attended hearings and briefings, and reviewed classified assessments on our ability to verify Iran’s compliance. This agreement slashes Iran’s stockpile of enriched uranium, bans weapons grade uranium enrichment and puts in place a rigorous and intrusive inspections regime. The agreement reduces Iran’s number of centrifuges by more than two-thirds for a decade and maintains inspectors’ access to Iran’s uranium mines and mills for a quarter century. Nuclear experts are confident that we will be able to detect violations by Iran and, importantly, the US can respond unilaterally to a violation by snapping back sanctions.

“I’ve concluded that this is the best available option we have for preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. When this agreement comes to the Senate floor in September, I intend to support it. Rejecting this agreement would leave us with no credible non-military options for stopping Iran’s nuclear weapons program. This agreement is not about becoming friends with Iran or turning a blind eye to its efforts to destabilize the Middle East. We must redouble efforts to help our other allies counter Iran’s malign influence in the region.  In particular, our commitment to the defense of Israel remains unshakeable. And we must maintain vigorous sanctions against Iran for its support for terrorism and violations of human rights.”