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Shaheen Receives Justice Award from the American Bar Association

(Washington, DC) – Yesterday evening at an event in Washington, Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) was honored by the American Bar Association with a Justice Award, which recognizes members of Congress for their commitment to justice. Shaheen was recognized for her leadership in preserving the Legal Orientation Program (LOP) within the Department of Justice, which offers legal education, as well as referrals for free or low-cost legal counsel to noncitizens in immigrant detention. By providing detainees with critical and fundamental information on the immigration court process and their legal rights, the program has been shown to save the government millions of dollars by helping to move cases more efficiently through the judicial system.

“The Legal Orientation Program’s work appeals to the American belief that fairness and justice should always prevail in our legal system and that rights such as due process protected by our Constitution extend to all,” said Shaheen in her remarks after receiving the award. “It is programs like LOP, through its work to assist those marginalized and vulnerable populations that further our pursuit of justice...The successful bipartisan effort to protect such an important program is an example of how, even in what feels like the most divisive political times, both sides of the aisle can stand up and work together to protect access to justice...Thank you again for honoring me with this award and for your advocacy to ensure that the rule of law is protected for everyone in America.”