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Shaheen Renews Call to Comprehensively Address Soaring Insulin Costs through Her Bipartisan Bill in 118th Congress

Highlighting Democrats’ successful efforts to cap Medicare beneficiaries’ insulin costs at $35 – included in Shaheen’s bipartisan INSULIN Act – Shaheen underscores urgent need to comprehensively address skyrocketing costs of the drug for Americans of every age and demographic. 

(Washington, DC) – U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH), co-chair of the Senate Diabetes Caucus, today released the following statement to celebrate the progress made to lower the cost of insulin last year through the Inflation Reduction Act, and to recommit to comprehensively addressing soaring insulin prices through her bipartisan legislation with Senator Susan Collins (R-ME), the Improving Needed Safeguards for Users of Lifesaving Insulin Now (INSULIN) Act.  

“For the 37 million Americans living with diabetes, access to insulin is a life-or-death issue. For years, I’ve pushed to lower insulin costs to stop patients from rationing their doses or forgoing treatment altogether. Last year, Democrats made important progress when a key provision I supported was included in the historic Inflation Reduction Act, which capped the cost of insulin to $35 for Medicare patients. This measure – now law of the land – put insulin within reach for millions of older adults who live with diabetes. I’m proud to have helped lead that effort, but now it’s time to ensure insulin is available for all patients in need,” said Shaheen.  

She continued: “That’s why this year, addressing the full scope of the challenges posed by soaring insulin costs will continue to be my top priority. I appreciate Senator Collins’ years-long bipartisan partnership here, and I’m committed to ensuring 2023 is the year we finally pass our historic legislation to cap insulin costs and address sky-high list prices. Patients with diabetes have waited long enough – it’s time to act now and save lives.” 

As co-chair of the Senate Diabetes Caucus, Shaheen has helped lead action in the U.S. Senate to advance priorities that will lower the costs of insulin, invest in treatment and prioritize diabetes research. Shaheen and Collins – also co-chair of the Senate Diabetes Caucus – announced the Improving Needed Safeguards for Users of Lifesaving Insulin Now (INSULIN) Act last year to lower the drug’s skyrocketing costs. The Senators’ bipartisan proposal builds on their years-long work to reduce the costs of insulin, instituting measures to encourage insulin manufacturers to reduce list prices, while extending patient protections that will foster competition and broader access to desperately needed insulin products. 
Over 37 million Americans have diabetes and an estimated 88 million more may be at risk of developing the disease.