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(Washington, DC) – U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) voted with a majority of the U.S. Senate today to replenish the Highway Trust Fund to make sure that important infrastructure projects in New Hampshire and around the country are not delayed due to a lapse in funding. Depletion of the fund could have delayed important infrastructure projects in New Hampshire and resulted in the loss of $55 million in federal transportation funds and more than 700 New Hampshire jobs.

“The Highway Trust Fund plays an important role in making sure that New Hampshire can fund transportation infrastructure projects that are critical for jobs, economic development, and public safety,” Shaheen said. “Replenishing the fund will make sure New Hampshire projects have the resources they need to proceed, and that investments to modernize our infrastructure will help New Hampshire’s economy continue to grow.”

Shaheen made replenishing the Highway Trust Fund a top priority following the announcement that without Congressional action the fund could have been depleted in August. She highlighted the need for congressional action with visits to numerous job sites throughout New Hampshire that would have been negatively impacted if the Highway Trust Fund depleted.  

Shaheen has consistently worked to improve New Hampshire’s transportation infrastructure for both public safety and economic competitiveness. She has introduced legislation, the Strengthen and Fortify Existing Bridges Act of 2014 (SAFE Bridges Act), to reestablish a program to provide funding specifically dedicated to repair and replace aging and deteriorating bridges. Currently, one-third of New Hampshire’s bridges are classified as either structurally deficient or functionally obsolete. She also partnered with members New Hampshire’s and Maine’s congressional delegations to obtain funding for the replacement of the Memorial Bridge in Portsmouth and has fought cuts to the Transportation Investments Generating Economic Return (TIGER) program that encourages economic activity and jobs in New Hampshire through important infrastructure investments.