Shaheen Statement on Bipartisan Agreement Reached on New Russian Sanctions to Respond to Russia’s Interference in the November Elections

June 13, 2017

**Shaheen, who has been participating in bipartisan negotiations, applauds agreement as “the tough sanctions regime that Russia deserves”

(Washington DC) — U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH), who has been participating in bipartisan negotiations on a Russian sanctions amendment, released the following statement after reaching a bipartisan agreement on provisions to punish Russia for interfering in our November elections:   

“This agreement is long overdue and would deliver the tough sanctions regime that Russia deserves for interfering in our elections,” said Shaheen. “This amendment has real teeth and is the product of good-faith bipartisan discussions. It’s absolutely critical that we have an enhanced sanctions regime that deters Russia from further meddling in our democracy. This amendment also takes appropriate steps to ensure that current sanctions cannot be unilaterally unwound by this administration. I’m also very pleased that, at my urging, language was included to prevent sanctioned individuals from using their family members to circumvent sanctions. I urge both chambers to approve this legislation quickly and get it to the President’s desk.”