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(August 24, 2013 – Colebrook, NH left to right: Harry Brown, Executive Director of the North Country OHRV Coalition, State Senator Jeff Woodburn (rear), Sue Brown, Senator Jeanne Shaheen, Steve Baillargeon, Bear Rock Adventures, Bill Shaheen, Corrine Rober, Bear Rock Adventures)(Colebrook, NH) – U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) visited Bear Rock Adventures on Saturday, August 24th to get a firsthand experience riding All-Terrain Vehicles, which are becoming an increasingly important component of the North Country economy. Shaheen was joined by New Hampshire State Senator Jeff Woodburn in Colebrook.

Earlier this year, New Hampshire officially opened the “Ride the Wilds” program which boosts both the travel and recreational industry by linking over 1,000 miles of trail across Coos County. Senator Shaheen is a strong backer of the industry and supported legislation to maintain the Recreational Trails Program as a separately funded transportation program. Expanded support for All-Terrain Vehicles and snowmobiles has the potential to be an economic boon for the North Country, increasing visitors and supporting the region’s hospitality and tourism industries.

“Snowmobiling and ATVs are critical to the North Country's recreation and tourism industry. The ‘Ride the Wilds’ program and its expanded network of trails will boost tourism and the North Country's recreation industry and I will continue supporting these types of efforts that are so important to our economy," said Shaheen.

“We are extremely pleased to have Senator Shaheen join us for a short tour of ‘Ride the Wilds’, a 1,000+ miles of Interconnected ATV trails in Coos County, New Hampshire,” said Harry Brown, President of the North Country OHRV Coalition. “The Senator has been an avid supporter of this new ‘Factory’ from its conception.  In 2011, the Senator was very instrumental in assuring the continuation of the Recreational Trails Program, a part of the FHWA program.  The continuation of these funds is paramount in the construction and maintenance of the ‘Ride the Wilds’ trail System. We appreciate the support that our program and others receive from the Senator.”

“We are so pleased to welcome Senator Shaheen to Coos County & Bear Rock Adventures. The initial success of ‘Ride the Wilds’ trail system is a true testament to northern New Hampshire's independent spirit and perseverance. This grass roots economic initiative is a model of organic solidarity that reflects the ingenuity of its inhabitants and we are proud to be part of it. We see tremendous potential in this movement and welcome the opportunity to share with the Senator our vision for this beautiful area,” Corrine Rober and Steve Baillargeon, Bear Rock Adventures.