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Calls on Congress to look at GAO report for possible cuts

(Washington, D.C.) – U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen called on Congress to look at the results of a new GAO report on duplicative programs in government as a first step to making smart cuts to the federal budget.

“Once again, this GAO report reminds us that there are smart options on the table when it comes to responsibly, effectively reducing the deficit. As I have said before, we must look at eliminating outdated and unnecessary programs as a common-sense first step towards a comprehensive deficit solution.”

Shaheen has been a strong advocate for reducing wasteful spending through elimination of outdated programs. She voted to implement the findings of a similar GAO report last year, and cosponsored a measure to end outdated and unnecessary subsidy programs for ethanol, which ultimately passed the Senate. She has introduced bills to phase out unnecessary federal price supports for U.S. sugar growers and eliminate double subsidies for gold and silver mining. She was an outspoken supporter of the Senate bill to end subsidies for large oil companies.