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Senator Shaheen and Haywood Schmidt, President of Axenics, Inc. (February 13. Washington, DC)

(Washington, DC) ­–U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) welcomed leadership from Nashua-based equipment manufacturer Axenics to Capitol Hill this morning at a meeting of the Democratic Steering and Outreach Committee. President Haywood Schmidt and VP for Manufacturing Chris Coutis represented the Nashua-based company as the featured New Hampshire business at this morning’s meeting to showcase their work on job creation and innovation.

“Axenics is doing great work in New Hampshire and setting a standard for small business innovation and development for the entire country. I am so proud their representatives were able to join us in Washington from Nashua to share the secrets of their successes,” Shaheen said.

Axenics has more than 40 employees and has been a leader in pursuing state job training programs. Last year, Shaheen visited the company to announce the State Trade Export Promotion (STEP) funding, which provides New Hampshire companies access to market research and training funds. Shaheen helped secure the $300,000 grant through the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010. 

“Axenics is a great example of the need to support our small businesses,” Shaheen said. “By taking advantage of the State Trade Export Promotion funding and state workforce training programs, Axenics has put itself in a strong position for future success. They are a great small business success story and a model for small businesses across the country.”

The Democratic Steering and Outreach Committee hosts several meetings annually to foster dialogue between Senate Democrats and community leaders across the country. Today’s meeting was the first for this year.

 “Meetings like this are a positive sign that our government does understand the success and struggles that small businesses have here in the United States,” said Axenics President Haywood Schmidt. “With a lot of doom and gloom in the business world today it is important to focus on the companies that are maintaining and what they are doing to succeed. If the senators are keyed in on what companies need to be successful during these slow economic times, they can support programs and funding that will in turn help business,” he added.