Voting Record

Date Vote Question and Description Position Result
12/12/18 On the Motion to Proceed S.J.Res. 54
Yea Motion to Proceed Agreed to (60-39)
12/12/18 On the Joint Resolution S.J.Res. 64
Yea Joint Resolution Passed (50-49)
12/11/18 On the Conference Report H.R. 2
Yea Conference Report Agreed to (87-13)
12/11/18 On the Nomination PN2117
Nay Nomination Confirmed (50-50, Vice President voted Yea)
12/11/18 On the Nomination PN1803
Nay Nomination Confirmed (55-44)
12/10/18 On the Cloture Motion PN1803
Nay Cloture Motion Agreed to (55-43)
12/06/18 On the Nomination PN2170
Nay Nomination Confirmed (50-49)
12/06/18 On the Nomination PN2556
Nay Nomination Confirmed (50-49)
12/05/18 On the Cloture Motion PN2556
Nay Cloture Motion Agreed to (50-49)
11/29/18 On the Cloture Motion PN2170
Nay Cloture Motion Agreed to (50-49)
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