Voting Record

Date Vote Question and Description Position Result
01/11/18 On the Nomination PN1015
Yea Nomination Confirmed (96-0)
01/11/18 On the Cloture Motion PN1015
Yea Cloture Motion Agreed to (90-1)
01/11/18 On the Nomination PN747
Yea Nomination Confirmed (92-0)
01/10/18 On the Cloture Motion PN747
Yea Cloture Motion Agreed to (97-1)
01/10/18 On the Nomination PN752
Yea Nomination Confirmed (98-0)
01/09/18 On the Cloture Motion PN752
Yea Cloture Motion Agreed to (96-1)
01/09/18 On the Nomination PN748
Yea Nomination Confirmed (97-0)
01/08/18 On the Cloture Motion PN748
Yea Cloture Motion Agreed to (89-1)
01/03/18 On the Nomination PN1098
Yea Nomination Confirmed (81-7)
12/21/17 On the Motion (Motion to Concur in the House Amendment to the Senate Amendment to H.R. 1370)
Yea Motion Agreed to (66-32, 3/5 majority required)
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