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(Washington, D.C.) – During a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing today, U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) continued her call for accountability of U.S. assistance to Afghanistan as she questioned General Joseph Dunford on proper oversight of American taxpayer dollars spent on reconstruction in the country. General Dunford appeared before the committee as it considered his nomination to become the next International Security Assistance Force Commander in Afghanistan.

Shaheen specifically pressed Dunford to actively cooperate with the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), which was established by Congress in 2008 to ensure that Afghan assistance was being used effectively.

“The American people deserve the necessary leadership to ensure that their dollars are being spent wisely,” Shaheen said after the hearing. “That is why I have repeatedly called for coordination and accountability in Afghanistan reconstruction efforts and will continue to make certain that our military leaders are similarly committed to effective spending.”

As a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee and Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Senator Shaheen has consistently pushed for increased oversight in Afghan spending. This past month, she introduced bipartisan legislation with Senator Jim Risch (R-ID) that would require federal agencies to publicly justify their actions when they ignore or defy recommendations from SIGAR. She has also called on military leaders to go after a construction contractor whose cost overruns in Afghanistan cost U.S. taxpayers $4.3 million and questioned top Administration officials following reports of wasted or ineffectual spending in Afghan reconstruction.