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Help With A Federal Agency

One of Senator Shaheen's most important responsibilities as a United States Senator is assisting New Hampshire residents who need help navigating federal agencies and identifying federal resources. Senator Shaheen can help individuals seeking assistance from the federal government on a variety of matters, including veterans' benefits, social security, and citizenship. Please review the information below to help determine how Senator Shaheen might be able to assist you.

Common Casework Questions

Although every case is unique, some questions arise frequently. Please review the below information on common casework topics to see if you can find a quick answer to your question.

Citizenship and Immigration Services

Senator Shaheen is committed to helping individuals with the citizenship process and to answer any general immigration questions. To view some common immigration questions and helpful contact information, please click here


If you need help with mortgage modification/refinancing, or have any other questions about housing, Senator Shaheen is here to help. To be connected to some helpful resources, please click here

Small Business

Are you a small business owner or potential entrepreneur? The resources below can provide a variety of assistance to you, from one-on-one counseling to helping you craft a business plan and securing a loan. Please click here


Navigating the Internal Revenue System can be complicated, and Senator Shaheen understands that individuals with tax issues often need some assistance. To view some helpful links and information about the Internal Revenue Service and the Taxpayer Advocate's Office, please click here

Passports/Travel Abroad

Senator Shaheen is happy to help individuals with the passport application process, which often generates many questions. To view some questions on how to obtain a passport and other helpful links, please click here

Social Security (SSA)

Social Security benefits play a critical role in the lives of many New Hampshire families. Senator Shaheen can help you get some answers to your questions regarding Social Security on topics such as eligibility for benefits and how to obtain a Social Security card. To view some common Social Security related questions and helpful contact information, please click here

Veterans Administration

America's veterans deserve our respect and recognition. Senator Shaheen works diligently to put our veterans in contact with organizations capable of assisting with disability claims, appeals, and employment options, among other needs. To view a list of veterans organizations that may be able to assist you, please click here

Federal Government