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ICYMI – In New NBC Documentary, Shaheen Addresses Directed Energy Attacks Against U.S. Personnel

**Shaheen has led efforts in the Senate to provide care, leave and benefits to federal government employees and family members suffering from brain injuries incurred, originally in Cuba and China and now around the world, under mysterious circumstances.** 

**Shaheen’s provision in the FY2022 defense bill that requires the administration to designate senior national security officials to organize a whole-of-government response & assist those suffering from directed energy attacks will soon become law**

(Washington, DC) — In a newly released documentary by NBC News, "Fighting an Invisible Enemy: The Voices of Havana Syndrome,” U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) discusses directed energy incidents that have affected U.S. personnel and the urgent need to uncover causation of the attacks. Shaheen has led efforts in the Senate to provide care, leave and benefits to federal government employees suffering from mysterious brain injuries that U.S. personnel and their loved ones incurred while serving overseas.

In the documentary released on Wednesday, Shaheen addresses the need to uncover causation of the attacks, which still remain a mystery, and the urgent need to deliver care to Americans who’ve been affected by these incidents. She also underscores the Biden administration’s efforts to prioritize this issue, which unfortunately was not treated with the same seriousness by the previous administration. In the documentary, and as reaffirmed by Shaheen’s constant questioning during relevant Senate Foreign Relations and Armed Services Committees, she underscores the need for more transparency from agencies to better coordinate and deliver equitable care to those suffering from their injures due to these attacks.

havana syndrome NBC documentary

Shaheen speaks with NBC News on directed energy attacks for a new documentary released on Wednesday.

The documentary can be viewed in full here or at

Senator Shaheen has long stood by government employees and their families who have suffered from these mysterious injuries from directed energy attacks, and leads efforts in Congress to provide them critical health benefits. The fiscal year (FY) 2022 national defense bill that will soon be signed into law by President Biden includes a Shaheen provision based on her standalone legislation that will reform the U.S. government’s investigation and response to suspected directed energy attacks, and improve access to care for impacted individuals. Specifically, the provision will require the President to designate a senior national security official to organize a whole-of-government response and direct the heads of relevant agencies to designate senior officials to lead their agency’s response. 

Shaheen’s FY2022 defense bill provision builds on her efforts to enhance congressional oversight on directed energy attacks. In the FY2021 NDAA that became law, Shaheen successfully included language to expand a provision in law that she previously wrote to provide long-term, emergency care benefits to all U.S. Government employees and their dependents who were mysteriously injured while working in China and Cuba. Earlier this year, legislation Shaheen co-sponsored, led by Senator Collins, to support public servants who have incurred injuries due to directed energy attacks was signed into law. 

On Wednesday, Shaheen spoke with NBC Chief Washington Correspondent and Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent Andrea Mitchell about this issue, which was on the heels of Secretary Blinken’s visit to John Hopkins Medicine where State Department employees are now also receiving care for brain injuries sustained from directed energy attacks. Senator Shaheen and Senator Collins (R-ME) called on the administration to expand access to care at Walter Reed for those affected by these incidents, which Shaheen shared with Mitchell has started. View the full interview here.